Diet myths that need to die.. a nutritionist’s wish

Sounds a bit morbid if you’re just looking at the title, however…. there are MANY diet myths living out there that haunt those educated in nutrition day in and day out. I interviewed my close friend and practicing nutritionist to find out what her top three pet peeves are. Warning, if you’re currently believing or practicing in any of the following, stop, drop and roll. Do not continue. Do not pass go. These are not real life fixes. They’re merely half-crazy attempts at being healthy.


Myth #1 : You should be doing cleanses and detoxes

All the celebs are doing it. The latest, greatest pressed juice cleanse of the week. Instead of ingesting chewable food, you drink pressed fruit and vegetables six or seven times a day. That means you’re aiding your body in being able to rid itself of nasty built up toxins, while replenishing it with oodles and oodles of vitamins and minerals… right? WRONG. While sure, you may lose weight on a cleanse, due to lack of calorie intake, you’re not actually being healthy. Our bodies are designed to be fed fat, carbohydrates and protein to function properly. Skipping out on any one or two of those will lead you to either an empty stomach, a body functioning at less than its best, or worse, both.

Your liver will naturally process everything you eat or drink. It will decide what is good or bad for you and will give it to your body for use or send it to the elimination room. Eating a healthy, balanced diet will help you and your liver function at optimal condition. No crazed detoxing or cleanses required.

Myth #2 : Supplements will lead to optimum health

Not quite. Supplements in general are actually a major waste of money. They eat the dollars in your wallet, not aid your immune system. Some people, though certainly not all, seem to think that by taking a supplement, they can eat whatever they want throughout the day since they “covered” their nutritional needs in pill form. Additionally, have you ever tried to read what all is contained in the little pill your about to take? Or the mix your putting in your drink? If you can pronounce it, you probably shouldn’t be eating it. There’s a reason nutritionists tell you to “eat the rainbow.” It guarantees you’ll get a wide array of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. You’ll supplement your nutrition in the natural, pronounceable way.

Myth #3 : Clean eating is a phrase to live by

I have to go for a direct quote here from my nutritionist friend. “Clean eating, I think a piece of my soul dies whenever I hear it.”
What is clean eating anyway? According to FitnessMagazine,clean eating is being aware of the way the food has made its way from its natural form to your plate. Was it processed? Refined? How was it handled? With all the technology involved in producing food nowadays, it’s harder than it should be to find foods that have been minimally messed with.

So maybe instead of “clean eating” we can say “mindful choices.” That way, we can make the best choices with what we have available. Besides, we all need to have that processed piece of junk every once in a while. Pick your poison. Mine is definitely ice cream. Oh ice cream, I love you.

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