There’s a lotta blogs out there…

Correction. There’s a WHOLE lotta blogs out there. Pretty much anything your heart desires you can find somewhere in the blogosphere. So why, with all that information, clutter, expertise and browsing history do I make the measly attempt to start yet another lifestyle blog?

Basically, because WHY NOT. Nobody can tell me what to do now that I’m a grown and married woman. But in reality, I’ve found a lot of transitioning has occurred over the last few years of my life. I went from college student to working woman to married woman in the blink of an eye. And with all of those transitions, I found tips and tricks, favorite things and life hacks to get me through. I read a ton of blogs myself. I try all those crazy Pinterest activities, a few DIY items and a whole lot of recipes. The one thing I really don’t try is fad diets… but you can find out more about that when you hop over to my health and fitness page

And to be frank? I’m a ginger and this is my jam. I do what I want!



3 thoughts on “There’s a lotta blogs out there…

  1. Phil and Cole says:

    Gingerjams is the best blog I have read on the modern day Internet…it’s funny, relevant, and is a must read for all! Good stuff Gingerjams!! Keep on bloggin…and we will keep reading!


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