Product Review: nature’s bakery fig bar

Remember the Fig Newton? The childhood snack you loved to hate. How could someone possibly call that a “cookie?” (Seriously, check the box, it says cookie on it). Who eats figs anyway? And likes them at least. That’s what the Strawberry Newtons are for, I guess.

Well, now that I’ve acquired less discriminatory taste buds over the years, I’ve come to kind of like Fig Newtons. Except they kind of hurt my teeth from the super-sweetness of them and the cookie part around the fruit seems a little greasy to me. But alas! Something new and improved has been created and it’s been brought to you by nature’s bakery.


The first time I ever laid eyes on the Fig Bar was when I was seated in First Class (upgrade) on a U.S. Airways flight (now part of the New American Airlines). After take-off, the First Class Flight Attendant walks around with a basket asking you if you’d like a snack. Well, these puppies happened to be sitting in the basket and were the easiest thing I could reach without looking like I was rifling through an entire snack basket ransacking it before the rest of the cabin could get to it. I politely grabbed my Fig Bar and quietly sipped my coffee (served in an actual mug… take that Coach!).

Whenever I grab a snack I’ve never had, I read the nutritional info first for two reasons. 1)To see what’s in it and how much protein it has (what’s it made of and how long can it keep me full) and 2) To see the calorie content so I know how much I can have without breaking my calorie bank for that day (yes, I like to keep a mental log of my intake versus outtake).

Here’s how the Fig Bar stacks up nutritionally:

Servings per container: 2 — double the below if you’re eating the whole pack

Calories: 110

Total Fat: 2.5g

Total Carb: 20g

Protein: 2g


While it may not have the large amount of protein that I’d typically like in a snack, what it lacks for in fullness potential it makes up for in taste. It tastes good AND healthy. It’s made from “stone ground whole wheat” and is dairy free, cholesterol free, kosher and non gmo. You get the satisfaction of your sweet fix with the added surprise that this may actually be remotely good for you. It doesn’t have the “too sweet for my teeth” feeling, or the greasy “I could leave a finger print on whatever I touch after eating this” feeling. You can indulge and feel good about it!

Since discovering the Fig Bar on that flight, I have gone out and purchased them since. I prefer to buy them at Sam’s Club where you can get a variety (blueberry and raspberry) 24 count box for less than $8. I have yet to decide which flavor I like best. They’re equally delicious.

Oh, and added bonus, I sent some to my toddler niece who ADORES Fig Newtons, and they were tested and approved by her as well. Way to go, nature’s bakery.

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