Warehouse Membership for 2, please

I have to admit, since getting married I have become an avid coupon user, deal-finder, and rewards member when it comes to buying groceries. My husband and I are only a family of two, but that hasn’t stopped us from getting the golden ticket known as “membership” for some of the warehouse stores near us. Our closest warehouse retailer is Sam’s Club. For $45 a year, we’ve gained access into the world full of bulk food items, furniture, $2 pizza and soda lunches, and most notably, free samples! Going to Sam’s has actually become part of our regular routine that we look forward to as a couple. As corny as it sounds, we both like going. Who wouldn’t like to walk around a giant store that has everything from TVs, furniture, clothing, books, food and more? There’s plenty to look at and lots to buy. Keep in mind you can also taste and try anything from fresh fruit to bagel bites to energy drinks… whatever happens to be on display that day. Mix that with the added lure of a lunch date at the front concession consisting of a pepperoni pizza slice and drink for each of us and you’ve completely made our Sunday. Yes, we’re those people who go to Sam’s to shop AND eat. And we enjoy it!

If you think getting a warehouse membership for a small family isn’t worth it, I hope to change your mind. I’ve provided a small snapshot of our weekly grocery list below as well as comparison costs to help you see why I think it can work for any family, no matter the size. Here’s some staples we tend to buy and why we get them at Sam’s.

Weekly Sam’s Club Grocery List- SNAPSHOT

Kale- 2lb bag for under $4 (good luck getting 1lb at your local grocery for close to that price)

We use Kale in our eggs, soups, salads, smoothies, etc. Incorporating a cup of greens into each meal of your day can help you get extra fiber, fullness and vitamins into your system. Our eating habits make this worth it.

Peppers- 6 green peppers for under $6 or multi-colored for under $7

While green peppers tend to be around 89 cents to $1 a piece and red, orange and yellow go for over a dollar, finding six of any of these kind for an average of less than a buck a piece is music to my ears. We use peppers as a compliment to most of our meals, in omelettes, on sandwiches, in salads, sitr-frys, etc.

Eggs- 2 pack 18 count eggs for $4.68

We eat A LOT of eggs in our house. Most days breakfast consists of some egg scramble with veggies and cheese, splitting 5 eggs between the two of us each day. If we ate this breakfast every day of the week, that’s 35 eggs that we’d go through, making the 2 pack 18 count eggs a perfect deal. If we don’t eat eggs every day, then we have extra for baking, and they don’t go bad quickly so we can keep them for the next week. A dozen eggs at Target costs over $2. So you’re definitely saving here.

Milk- 1 gallon of skim milk for $1.96

I’m just going to throw it out there that I paid well over $2 for a gallon of milk at Target, Publix, Kroger and Wal-Mart before finding a better deal at Sams. Again, milk has a shelf life so we’re not buying it every single week, but we are using it for cereal, recipes and bone strength. They don’t sell half gallons at Sam’s, so if you don’t go through your milk, this might not be the place for you.

Cheesesticks- 28 count for $7.48

This one irks me. Why is a snack so high in protein, low in carbs and a good source of fat so expensive? I get angry when I see the “2 for $9” signs at Kroger and I can get a whopping 24 cheese sticks for $9. Thankfully, Sam’s offers more at a lower price. We eat these a lot as snacks. And again, with a shelf life, we don’t have to worry about them going bad before we get around to eating them all.

Coffee- 40oz Dunkin Donuts grounds for $17.18

I drink A LOT of coffee. I found myself going to the grocery store every 10 days or so to buy a 12oz bag of coffee. Maybe I like my coffee too strong and that requires me to use more than average, but at Target that’s $7.59 for a Dunkin Donuts 12 oz bag, so I was super excited to find that I could get coffee for 20 cents less an ounce by shopping at Sam’s. I store it in an airtight container and use it as I need. I will admit, I occasionally still buy the 12oz bags to try all the latest and greatest flavors created.

Meat- let’s just say you will definitely pay less than you do at your local grocery. However, you’ll have to put some effort into making that savings worth it. In our household, we cook half and freeze half of the meet as soon as we get home. So, if we buy 5 pounds of ground turkey (yes, that’s how much you get for under $12) I use at least a pound of it right away and freezer bag the rest. Planning ahead in this category will definitely save you money. The one downside to buying your meat at Sam’s is having a limited selection of organic meats. If that is important to you, research what your local warehouse has first and price check next!

I promise to share some photos of our next Sam’s date so you can see the excitement in our eyes and the loot we take home.


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