Product Review: Kauai Coffee KCups

There is not one day I do not start without indulging in my necessary cup of coffee. Some in my family refer to me as a psychopath because of this article and how I like my coffee black. In my opinion, good coffee doesn’t need the creamer, sugar, etc. Kind of like how fresh, hot pancakes or waffles don’t really need that syrup! I guess we can agree to disagree on that… maybe that opinion is about as popular as black coffee.

Perhaps you’ve come to find that I like my coffee enough and drink enough of it to go out and buy the bulk size when I hit the grocery store.Well, from time to time I get curious about my options and what else is out there on the supermarket shelves. I always browse my trustee digital coupon sections on my Kroger and Publix apps, or Target’s Cartwheel app, to see where I can try something without the commitment of paying full price.

Just last week I happened to see that you could get $2 off a box of 12 count Kauai Coffee Kcups. When I got to the store to pick up a few other grocery items, I browsed the coffee sections to see if this coupon could be put to good use. To my surprise, this regularly priced item of $7.99 was already a Kroger Deal Markdown to $5.99, PLUS I had my $2 off coupon. That means I could get 12 Kcups for about 33 cents a piece. That sounded much better than other times I’ve wanted to try a new brand and it’s almost a dollar for a cup of coffee IN MY HOME! But, at 33 cents a piece, would this coffee even taste good? Or was I buying the bottom of the line, nobody else wanted them, type of thing? (I bought it anyway).


The first thing I noticed about the box was that it seemed smaller than other Kcup boxes. I opened it up to find a bag similar to the one you would typically buy coffee grounds in, where it folds over on itself and helps to seal in freshness. When I opened it though, I found twelve little Kcups pods, looking a lot smaller than those I typically see. It also smelled amazing right off the bat. Opening that bag released the aromatic coffee scent that brings a smile to my face. Here’s what the pods look like in comparison to other Kcups.

The box says that these smaller pods are a “created to minimize the use of plastic while brewing a delightfully aromatic and flavorful cup of Kauai Coffee.” I do recall hearing that the inventor of the Keurig feels terribly about all the waste that accumulates from using the machine with plastic little pods. So if this Kcup can be just that extra bit environmentally friendly, then yippie!

So, for the test. Mind you, I have a drip pot and a small Keurig machine. I tend to prefer the drip pot for the quantity, taste and price associated with buying for it, however, I do still fancy myself a Kcup every once in a while. From the second I put the Kauai Coffee in the machine and it powered up to make my fresh cup, it smelled AMAZING. Maybe it’s the lack of a plastic bottom on the Kcup itself that lets some of the amazing coffee aroma creep out, but it sure did smell great.


It also made a very rich tasting cup of coffee (no creamer required). It had just the right balance of strength and natural sweetness to it, and in comparison to my filter coffee Dunkin Donuts, I felt like I was getting a bit of a treat. A rich, caffeinated and delicious treat.

The one downside I must put out there is that with the way the eco-pods are created, it does not allow for them to be stored in those Kcup Carousels, since they need to be stored in their airtight bag for freshness. They get downgraded a point on display qualities, but I give them full points for taste and experience.

I was certainly impressed and would definitely buy this again. While I try not to pay full price for any of my Kcups, I may have to wait for a sale to purchase this brand again, but I will definitely be on the hunt for it in the future.

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