Easter weekend is approaching 

With Easter fast approaching, my husband and I were contemplating our best plan of action for celebrating the Holiday. I know there will be booze involved, since we both gave up pop (or soda depending on where you grew up–shoutout to my fellow Midwesterners) and alcohol for the 40 days of Lent… But where would we spend it now that we’re split between our home states of Indiana and Florida? We discussed our options of traveling to our families, but with such a short weekend we wanted to spend more time on the ground than on a plane or in the car. So, we decided to stay in Georgia. 

Once that decision was made we became curious as to what we could do just the two of us to really celebrate our first holiday without our families. Lucky for us, Atlanta is situated within driving distance of many great getaways. We’re approximately 4 hours or less from places like  Savannah, Charleston, Asheville, etc. We did Savannah and Asheville this last winter and fall and couldn’t seem to find an affordable last minute deal in Charleston, so after some intense internet searching in our ideal travel circumstance I stumbled upon Rabun County, Georgia.

Though we haven’t been before, the pictures look beautiful and it seems like an ideal place for hiking, new food, and scenic views. After reading a few tripadvisor reviews, I was sold. I found an affordable room at the oldest Bed & Breakfast in the state of Georgia. So we will be heading out to the York House Inn this Saturday.

Pictures and posts will be up after we return!

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