What’s your “breaking” point?

Today I had my first 6 mile run in probably a year. While that may not sound like a lot to seasoned runner, when you haven’t run more than 3 miles regularly since your last race, time can creep in and put you way out of distance shape.

Last week I had a great 5 mile run, I even got lost in a new neighborhood and walked an additional 1.8 miles to find my parking spot! But today, during my 6 mile training session I definitely reached my breaking point at mile 5. Here’s how my thought pattern went:

Miles 0-2: I’m feeling pretty good today, this should be a good run

Miles 2-4: Yup, still feeling great. A little sore from my crosstrain workout yesterday, but I got this.

Miles 4-5: Hmm.. I’m kind of getting a little fatigued. And I’m sweating a lot! It’s not even hot for Atlanta!

Mile 5-6: Please RunKeeper, talk to me. Tell me this is over! Holy cow, is that ANOTHER hill? How long is this hill? Oh my gosh. This.. blows. Maybe I should walk? I can’t even breathe.

Mile 6: Oh thank you sweet baby Jesus. I made it. And I didn’t even walk. What a fun run. I feel accomplished.

As you can see, my mind gets very active during my runs and I have a lot of inner dialogue going on.

5 miles definitely seemed to be my breaking point today. I’ve included a snapshot of my running app below for your viewing pleasure.

Happy running!

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