My Friday Favorites

When brainstorming ideas for what to post today, I decided that I would try and stick to a series for one day of the week. I’ve read that starting a series will keep you active and honest in your blogging. Let’s face it, sometimes it’s hard to come up with ideas for what to cook, where to go on vacation, what perfume to use that day, etc. By starting a series I’ll have a launching point to make my posting a bit easier. From now on, each Friday I will give you one thing I’m obsessed with that week. Whether its music, food, a place, a quote, etc., I’m letting the sky be the limit! So here we go. Below is this week’s Friday Favorite.


Dunkin Donuts Perks App

Dunkin Donuts Perks App

You get a perk immediately for downloading this app and registering a gift card.. they literally send you a free drink good for any drink, any size, no purchase necessary.

When you pay with your app, you earn points. Every 200 points is worth another free beverage! Checking in on the current perks can help you earn beverages faster. In the past for instance if you purchased a breakfast sandwich you earned 50 perks points. OR, since we live in Atlanta, if the Hawks dunked during one of the basketball games..baadabing! a free drink was loaded into our perks.

Dunkin sends you a free birthday beverage coupon. It’s loaded immediately into your perks section. And guess what? Unlike Starbucks who also sent me one good for literally 24 hours… the Dunkin one is good for MONTHS. Happy Birthday to me!

All in all, the Perks app is a good way to manage the money you spend on extra things. We load a certain amount onto our cards every so often and don’t use any other form of payment when we visit a DD. This way we can moderate our spending so we’re not throwing $20 down a week on “pick me ups.”

FullSizeRender (3)

Outside of all the free goodies and ways to pay, you can also send gift cards to others, find nutritional information, see the menu and find a Dunkin Donuts near you. You should probably go download this now.

*these images are screenshots from my phone and my personal DD Perks App

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