Friday Favorites: Fitletic Waist Belt

Hi all! Happy Friday and Happy April. While I don’t have any April Fool’s pranks for you, I do have my Friday Favorite ready for your review. It’s moderately appropriate that my category is fitness this week, gotta burn off all those candy brownie cupcakes from yesterday’s post. So here’s my Friday Favorite after the jump!

The Fitletic Lycra Single Pouch. It’s basically a fanny pack for runners. But really, I didn’t buy it because I wanted to look like a tourist as I trekked my miles during training. I bought it so I could take better care of the things I carry with me when I run, like my iPhone for music, my house keys, a credit card, etc. My iPhone 6s fits perfectly in the pouch and lets me run without having an annoying armband around my arm and constantly fighting it from sliding down.

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 10.16.59 AM

The pouch can go around your waist or your hips, whatever is more comfortable for you. It has the ability to be loosened and tightened and the one zip pocket is easy to open even when you’re running.

For $18.95, I feel I made a solid investment when I stopped by to pick it up at Fit2Run at the Florida Mall in Orlando. If you don’t have a Fit2Run near you, you can also purchase it online here. And yes, you should get the turquoise so we match! Never has a “fanny pack” been worn so proudly šŸ˜€


Happy Friday and Happy Running!

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