Product Review: NatraCure FlexiKold for Neck

NatraCure is a well-being company, focusing on natural treatments for people who maintain an active lifestyle. I heard about them via Twitter and was in contact with a rep from NatraCure a few weeks ago when I got asked to pick and test one of their products. I picked the FlexiKold Neck Gel Cold Pack. I suffer from a lot of neck pain, due to stress, clenching my jaw during the day and at night, and exercise. It’s stiff 99.9% of the time and even leads to tension headaches and migraines. Yeah, poor me.

Anyway due to my neck always being a… pain in the neck, I decided I would try to do something about it! I found the product I wanted to try right here. NatraCure delivered my package in a few short days and I put it straight in the freezer. The next day, I got it out and tried it on for size. It’s big, goes around my entire neck, and partially onto my traps. It stays in place, stays cold for a longgggggggggg time, and actually seemed to do me some good after my first use. I kept trying it out to see what I thought. I didn’t want to give a review without gathering some research. I saw consistent results. Consistent coldness and relief.


It’s large enough that if I wanted to use it around my knee after runs, I definitely can. And I plan to tonight since they’re a little sore from pounding the pavement!

I definitely recommend this product. I was unaware of it before I was sent my sample and asked to review, but I am glad that I have it in hand now. NatraCure provides gel packs for many different purposes. If you’re looking for relief after exercise or activity, I would definitely check them out. For more information on NatraCure, head over to their site by clicking here.

If you have any questions, let me know, or tweet them to @NatraCure. They have great response time through Twitter and have been a pleasure to work with!

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