Product Review: Nature’s Bakery Fig Bars

Hello all! I hope you had a marvelous weekend and are ready to hit the ground running this week (pun intended if you’re a runner… just a saying if you’re not). I have something exciting in store for you, a continuation of a product review for Nature’s Bakery Fig Bars AND an upcoming give away so you can win some of the goodies I’m writing about! For real, I have partnered up with Nature’s Bakery to stuff my face silly with a healthy and great tasting product and get you in on the action as well! #Exciting

One of my first posts was about how I discovered the world of Fig Bars on an American Airlines flight and decided to tell the world about the yummyness that could be discovered 32,000 feet above land (hey dad, is that still a typical cruising altitude? you can answer in the comments below). The good news is that you can enjoy these treats at home and can pick them up at most of your local grocery stores. The BETTER news is there is a gigantic array of flavors to choose from. Seriously, see all the kinds you can bite into in regard to the Stone Ground Whole Wheat Variety:


Mango, Peach Apricot, Lemon, Strawberry, Fig, Raspberry, Blueberry, and Apple Cinnamon. (That’s 8!)

All of the above flavors are good, but in my personal opinion, some are better. I’ve broken it down for you below. And yes, they are in descending order of favorites, with mango taking the reigns as number one.

Mango- my favorite. I love mango, but it’s hard to find mango flavored things… especially mango flavored things that taste good. This product captures the true essence of mango, tasting natural and fruity, not chemically compromised. Maybe it’s because it’s an exciting flavor to be able to try, or maybe it truly is the best tasting, whatever it is, it’s my numero uno.

Peach Apricot– Another bold and delicious flavor. This reminds me of something my mom would like… she seems to like apricot spreads and jams, so mom, if you’re reading this one is for you. And me too. It’s very good and has a true fruity flavor. I felt like I was eating the real thing.

Fig– I must be getting old, because I really enjoyed this flavor. It does remind me of the original Fig Newton, but it has a better texture. I like the grainy texture and less soft chew to Fig Bars in general. The flavor is definitely there and very tasty.

Lemon– if you like lemon bars you will definitely like these. The best part is you can walk around and eat something that tastes like a beloved dessert, but doesn’t have the ooey-gooey gotta wipe my hands feeling after eating it (have you ever NOT washed your hands after eating a lemon bar? maybe you use a fork. go you). While these are great, they aren’t my number one because lemon isn’t my go-to flavor in baked goods.

Strawberry– I love strawberry jelly and strawberry flavored things, but this flavor Fig Bar did not do anything spectacular for me. It was underwhelming and I tasted more of the “crust” than the filling. Some of the other flavors seemed to “pop” more. I was taken aback because I really thought I would like Strawberry the best!

Apple Cinnamon– This one was my least favorite and I was slightly disappointed. The apple cinnamon flavor was pretty mild in comparison to the punch the other flavors packed. If you’re not one for boldness, go with this flavor. While I would still eat it, it wouldn’t be my top flavor choice.

Blueberry & Raspberry– click here for my previous post and review of these flavors! These two flavors are not included in the “favorite” order. But if I had to, I’d squeeze them in the middle of the pack.


OK OK OK OK and on a very exciting note. I will be posting in one week about your chance to enter an UPCOMING GIVEAWAY (in partnership with Nature’s Bakery) for a chance to win some Fig Bar samples. I know my reviews are just making your mouth water and you can’t wait to get some of these in your belly!

Until next time. Thank you for reading! Be sure to check out @naturesbakery on twitter and on their site here.

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