Being a redhead means…

Outside of being a genetic mutation, there are many things that being a redhead blesses you with from the moment of birth (or when you decide to grow hair.. which would be past 1 for me). Here are my top 10 “redhead-isms” that help define what life is like for your every day ginger.

  1. Get used to being asked “is that your natural hair color?” If this happens to you when you are in a salon, get out, do not pass go and do not collect 200 dollars. I cannot tell you how many bullets I have sweat hearing the very person cutting my hair asking me if it’s natural. YIKES.
  2. People will be able to spot you in a crowd. This has been a favorite of my husband’s. He can find me almost anywhere, even if I’m surrounded by 200 people. Just look for the hair and it’s a dead giveaway. Great if you’re lost. Bad if you want to blend in.
  3. People will offer you sunscreen ALL THE TIME. True, you may be paler than most people, but not all of us are allergic to the thing high in the sky. Some of us may be able to bronze.
  4. People may want to play connect the dots with your freckles. I don’t have that many, but I would have loved to pass time in Algebra doing this to some of my ginger friends.
  5. You better refer to yourself as a Ginger, because everyone else will. And they’ll do it with a stigma, so once you own it you don’t have to worry about what they say. I didn’t call this blog GingerJams for nothing!
  6. If there’s another redhead in sight, people are going to ask you if you know them. (Yes, and we’re all related, too).
  7. Strangers who need to get your attention will call you Red. So will people who have forgotten your name.
  8. No matter what anyone says, you do have a soul! Thanks SouthPark! haha
  9. You will get asked “where does your hair come from?” or “were you adopted?” if they don’t see that your parents or siblings have the same hue.
  10. In some weird way, even though people make fun of you for your hair or bring it up as a punch line, they will always work in that “their beard grows red hair sometimes,” or that “with the right lighting, they’re a redhead too.” They just want to be like us!


    Baby Margo

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