Running schedule this week 

After traveling back from work in Tennessee yesterday, my schedule feels a little backwards. I did manage to get in a 3 mile run after being stuck in the car much longer than I would have liked to be. Isn’t it amazing how much your brain can tell you just to throw some PJs on and climb into bed with Netflix, but you must persevere through it and get your miles in? I never regret pushing forward with a workout when I am feeling like doing anything but. So glad I got that run in. 

This week my long run is 10 miles. My 9 mile run went pretty well last week.. I’m starting to learn what foods work best for me for breakfast to give me enough energy and not leave me feeling fatigued after the first few miles. Right now, peanut butter toast with either sliced apple or banana works great. I’ve read a lot of distance runners have peanut butter bagels before their races so I am falling right in queue. I need to work on incorporating water into my runs… I usually just try to push through without anything. In the past, I have stopped at maybe two of the drink stations in half marathons. I wonder if my splits would be positively impacted by incorporating more water in my training and in my races. I plan to work on that this week. 

After the 10 mile, my husband, myself and some friends of ours are running in the Sweetwater 420 5K in downtown Atlanta this weekend.  It’ll be my first Atlanta race and I am excited to see what kind of crowd shows up. I always had a general idea of the running scene in Chicago based off of who I saw on the lakeshore path each day, but since I have been training on backgrounds and neighborhoods I don’t tend to see too many people out and about doing the same thing. 

The Hotlanta Half marathon is less than 2 months away! I feel like I am progressing pretty well and am glad I’m going to be doing our 5K around the same area that the half will take place to help me get mentally prepared for the scenery. And a heat wave broke here in Georgia yesterday so I got my first taste of 80 plus degree running weather. Yikes. I’m in for it! 
I hope you all have a great weekend. Don’t forget to enter the fig bar giveaway this week! A winner will be selected on Friday morning. For info click the Giveaway Link ! 

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