Distance Run & Last Day Giveaway

Yay! I’m on the other side of my distance run this week. I hit my 10 mile goal at just under a 9 min/mile pace. I also incorporated water and snacks into my run for the first time… and it went a little something like this:

At mile 4, I grabbed a water bottle I had stashed in our yard and drank it through our neighborhood loop, then tossed it back onto our property before leaving the neighborhood. It was actually a lot easier to drink from then I thought. I hate the cups they give you at races because the liquid splashes all over your face if you don’t slow down to drink it. With this eco-friendly less-plastic-whatever-generic water bottle I was able to avoid spilling and then fit the bottle into my grip for over a mile before tossing it.

Just before mile 6, I ate 5 of the Teddy Grahams I brought (in a ziploc inside my Fitletic Waistbelt). Classy, I know. But I am new to this game. I also brought my inhaler with me and used this right around the same time. I came into mile 6 feeling like a new woman!

From miles 6-8 I was feeling pretty great, until I hit the hardest hill in this whole route. I include this hill on purpose, since I’ve read it is great to train with hills, however it reallllly took it out of me, nevermind the several smaller hills  before and after it! Somewhere between mile 8-9 I decided to see if any more Teddy Grahams would help the wall I was currently feeling. One Teddy Graham decided to jump ship, so I only had four left to eat. I got them in my system and told myself that I could definitely finish this run, but it was going to take all the mental strength I had. At mile 9, my legs were literally feeling glued to the ground. However, trying to reach above and beyond the fatigue mentally I was able to finish and keep my pace.

All in all, this was a good run. I decided on Teddy Grahams for my snack since they’re bitesized and I read twizzlers, pretzels and Teddy Grahams can all be good options if you don’t want to buy into the higher priced sports beans or gels. I don’t know if I took the right amount with me, I’ll have to look further into how many carbs/snacks to bring on these runs. I also don’t plan on using them for anything under 10 miles.

And last but not least, post run I stretched and refueled with my favorite flavor Fig Bar, Mango. It’s important to eat something within 30 minutes of running, and usually I would rather just chug water and wait to eat, but I really want to try what those who are smarter than I am are saying! About an hour post run I am feeling great and definitely in need of a shower. IMG_1847

Speaking of Fig Bars. Please please please enter my giveaway. The winner will be chosen tomorrow morning. You will win a selection of 5 flavors of Fig Bars sent to you from Nature’s Bakery. You can choose which flavors you would like! It’s a great way to try this product and if you’re reading this because you run, it’s a great refueling option post workout. All you have to do is follow Nature’s Bakery on Twitter OR Instagram and leave a comment on this or the original post OR TWEET me to tell me who you would share your fig bar with!

@GingerJamsBlog my #figbarfriend is @jimmykimmel

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