Friday Favorites

Yayyy it’s Friday! So here you have it… this week I am obsessed with Heather McDonald’s Juicy Scoop Podcast

Heather is a stand-up comedian, former cast member/writer for Chelsea Lately, and has a million other roles in Hollywood. While I have watched some of her standup online, it’s her passion for celebrity gossip that really keeps my ears glued to the iPhone each Thursday. Heather pours through tabloids, adds her two cents, and any information she has from her inner circle. She is good friends with Kris Jenner, so there’s that. She’s obsessed with the OJ Simpson trial, she has a bunch of other famous friends and does some really interesting interviews. She also throws in hilarious predictions about celebrities and includes snippets into her own life regarding how hard it is to stay relevant and working in Hollywood.

Her comedy special “I Don’t Mean to Brag” is streaming on Netflix currently and is pretty darn funny. It’s a good way to get to know Heather’s humor if you haven’t heard or seen her before.

I’m not saying this is great learning material. But it is certainly a way I like to spend my time when I’m cleaning the house, walking around the neighborhood or on a long car ride. Heather keeps things light and funny, and is a Bravo TV FANATIC. Anyone who is obsessed with Real Housewives gets an A in my book! You should probably go subscribe to Heather’s podcast right now. Click here to do so!

And lastly, we have a winner for the Fig Bar Giveaway! Congrats to Joy Mills (@Jemrah1). You have been selected as this week’s winner. I will be in contact with you shortly to get your information!


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