Weekend Recap: Tourist in Atlanta

Hello everyone. I hope you all had a great weekend. It was warm and sunny here in Atlanta and we had friends in town to share the weekend with. The main event of our weekend was the Sweetwater 420 Fest 5k, but we also crammed in a lot of other tourist activities. Since we haven’t lived in Atlanta very long, most everything I do in the city is a first time experience.

We started the weekend with a trip to the World of Coca-Cola. Nestled right off Centennial Olympic Park, the World of Coke can be toured for less than $20. After entering, you’re greeted immediately with a beverage of your choice (Coke, Diet Coke, or Coke Zero) and taken into a room full of historical artifacts. There’s lots to look at in this room, and an ambassador for the brand walks you through important points in history for the beverage. Next up, a movie theater type room, where you get to witness a short film made by Coca-Cola that actually made me tear up at points. It was one of those movies where they showcase the “greatness” of the brand and how it’s a part of important moments in people’s lives. Worked for me! After the movie, you have the option to guide yourself through the rest of the building. There’s a secret vault, photo ops with the Coca-Cola bear, a chance to learn about the processing facilities, and most notably, a tasting experience room where you can try Coke products from ALL OVER THE WORLD. Get ready to get your sugar/caffeine buzz on. This room is like Station Cool from Epcot on steroids.


After the World of Coke, we headed to a well-known barbecue place for lunch, Fox Bros Bar-B-Q. For a 2:30pm lunch, this place was PACKED. We waited 45 minutes for a table, but it was well worth the wait. This restaurant is recognized as one of the top BBQ places in the city and I have been told by several people I work with that it’s the place to go once you land at Hartsfield Jackson. A couple of pulled pork sandwiches later (and some AMAZING TOTS. Yes, I got a pulled pork sandwich with tots) we headed back to our neck of the woods for a peaceful evening at home.

Saturday marked the 5k. We headed to Centennial Olympic Park for the start of the race. I have to say, this race was organized pretty poorly. Runners lined up in a giant group, then walked across a few streets while police were actively shutting down the roads the runners would be taking. Only half of each two lane side was closed to run in, meaning you could be running right next to a moving vehicle. The roads themselves weren’t in the best shape, there were not wave starts, strollers were allowed and people crammed themselves to the front of the start line when all they planned to do was walk. It took a good 5 minutes to get around strollers, walkers, confused runners and other obstacles to finally feel like you didn’t pay $40 to want to pull your hair out. Also, (yes one more gripe), the mile markers were displayed on tiny knee-high signs on the very right of the road, meaning most of the time you had no idea how far you had gone. Since this was only a 3 mile race, I knew it would be over before I realized it, and the fact that we were able to do something fun with our friends would supersede the shortcomings of the race. Plus, when you did get to the end, you got to enjoy a rather large Sweetwater Beer. I don’t think I will be signing up for this race in the future, but I am glad I got to get my first taste of running in the city of Atlanta.

The rest of the day was spent at Top Golf in Midtown, in and around Buckhead and finally back home. Sunday we laid low and enjoyed the day before it was time to take our friends back to the airport. I spent more time in Atlanta proper than I ever have and I am feeling like I am barely scraping the surface. I am excited to continue to get to know this city (and learn my way around it!). This week Jarob and I will be heading up north to celebrate my niece’s 4th birthday as well as a wedding shower for a beautiful friend. Can’t wait to cross the Mason-Dixon line for the first time in 4 months!!!!!


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