Friday Favorites: Family time

So I know it’s currently Saturday morning and I’m way behind on my posting schedule, but I have been busy getting to spend a lot of time with my family. Everyone is in town for my niece’s 4th birthday party (today). My sister flew in from LA, Jarob and I came up from Atlanta and we’re all ready for one big My Little Pony Party. Speaking of, check out these rainbow cupcakes we made with my niece yesterday. I think they fit the theme of the party. (And they are an adaptation from my Candy Brownie Cupcakes).


Outside of all the fun times, I still managed to get my 11 mile training run. Did you know I have never once trained past 10 miles? Every half marathon schedule i have followed kept me at 10 miles and under. That last 1.2 miles or so of yesterday’s run were pretty killer. I hate when you’re running into the wind the second half of your run! Sucks the energy right out of you as if you weren’t tired enough already.


For the first time,  I used a handheld water bottle (purchased at Dick’s for $19.99).I remember seeing people running on the Chicago Lakeshore path with those things in their hands and thinking how goofy they looked, while also promising myself I would never, ever carry one of those. (I believe I was capable of running no more than 6 miles without dying at that time, so it’s amazing how much I’ve learned and grown over time! haha)

Screen Shot 2016-04-30 at 6.51.47 AM


I also wanted to mention that if you’re in need of Brooks running shoes head over to Dick’s Sporting Goods (or their website) ASAP! Most of their selection is $30 dollars off! I bought another pair of the Ghost 8 because I know I will be needing them within the next month or so. I have never seen these shoes on sale. PLUS you can download and print off a $10 off when you spend $50 coupon from the Dick’s website (or download it here) and get the shoes for a total of $40 off. That coupon DOES EXPIRE TODAY. I believe the Brook’s sale only lasts until 5/2 as well.

I’ll recap more of the weekend and all the fun in Indiana when I get back home to the ATL. I hope you all enjoy your weekend and happy running!


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