One week dairy free

So I decided last Monday morning would be my first official day purposely avoiding dairy to see how and if my body responded. It actually has not been that difficult to avoid including these items in my diet. In fact, I think it’s made me make wiser choices toward more whole foods. For example, I can’t have ice cream after dinner anymore, so I reached for the fruit if I needed a sweet fix (I tried almond ice cream, but I think I need to wait until more time has passed to truly think it’s “good”). And I actually have been avoiding chocolate and items that include dairy for the most part just to see what this is like if you’re staying uniform in the process. Outside of making wiser choices with what I put in my body and having to retrain my pantry reaching habits, here’s what my top thoughts are:


  • I feel lighter. I can step away from a meal and be full, but not heavy
  • It took me 6 days to stop craving real ice cream
  • Though pizza sounds good in theory, it actually doesn’t to my stomach. I can already feel the heaviness it would cause
  • Modifications everywhere- from having to ask the grill-master to put one less cheese slice on the burgers to coming up with more salad toppers and sources of protein (avacado anyone?) until this becomes second nature to me I have to think a little harder
  • Vanilla almond milk is goood. I never sat down to drink skim milk, and I wouldn’t almond milk, but I think I could with this stuff. Note to self, unsweetened next time 😀
  • Thank God I have been drinking my coffee black since 1999, parting with their creamer seems to be the hardest part for people. No worries here.
  • 10 for $10 deals no longer matter in terms of Chobani
  • My cereal (my usually go to for snacking) has sat mainly on its shelf. For some reason the idea of almond milk still kind of creeps me out and seems unnatural when added to a bowl of Special K. Especially since almond milk doesn’t have the same protein content of cow milk, eating it with rice flakes makes no sense if I want the snack to do me any good and prevent me from binging on other foods later because I’m still hungry.

I do not have any major skin issues and I haven’t noticed that changing yet. I have another week to go until the dairy I’ve consumed in the past is completely through my system.

The scale has gone down a bit, but that could be a combination of the fact that I have been actively having to reach for smarter replacement items and really consider what’s in my food before I put it in my body. Maybe they go hand and hand anyway.

And after grocery shopping for the first time since watching Forks Over Knives, our household is stocked with more fruit than usual…Bananas, strawberries, plums, peaches, watermelon, as well as zucchini, squash, cabbage, carrots, tomatoes and green beans. I used the vegetables to make a delicious and nutritious low calorie vegetable soup with low sodium broth. We also got daring and picked up some MorningStar “meat alternatives” which are currently 2 for $7 at Target. I like veggie burgers, but have never tried fake ground beef or chicken. Oh the possibilities! Haha

I will report more on my dairyless journey next Monday. Have a great start to your week!

2 thoughts on “One week dairy free

  1. Mary Andrews says:

    It’s amazing the difference. I miss cheese (good cheese) sometimes, but oddly enough olives fill that void somewhat. Nothing like being careless or lazy to remind you that this is not a bad idea. Good job!

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