Friday Favorites: Full HIIT workout in <25 minutes

Some days the last thing I want to do is give 30-40 minutes of my day to a workout. Or longer if I have a distance run planned. It can get so monotonous and boring to do the same routine week after week. That’s part of my problem with yoga. I get bored and my mind is always checking the clock to see when we will be done. This week, I broadened my horizons on to see what I could accomplish in under 30 minutes that would:

  • meet some strength requirements
  • be a full cardio workout
  • burn a minimum of 200 calories
  • work a majority of my body
  • use minimal equipment

The great thing about FitnessBlender is that you can put all of these requirements into their search function and it will display videos that meet your criteria. I happened to find a video called “When I Say Jump”.

Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 7.52.46 AM.png

Holy cow. Not only did this video go by quickly, it got my heart rate up HIGH (180+ at times). I didn’t have time to be bored because each exercise lasted only a minute before you were on to the next one. No equipment was required and I am STILL sore on Friday after doing this Tuesday. Jarob even commented–in an extremely sarcastic fashion– that he couldn’t wait to try that workout with me “next time.” He gazed over from the kitchen in awe as I truly sweat it out (we’re talking mascara dripping into your eyes type of sweat), and kindly offered to get me a glass of water to have during one of my 10 second breaks between exercises.

There truly is no equipment for this workout. Just your body. But I STRONGLY suggest having a towel nearby. If you try it, let me know what you think! It is a fat blaster for sure and will make you question your sanity.

Also, sidenote, been dairy free for 11 days!

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