Challenge met & accomplished

So for 14 days now I have been dairy free. Living a life without milk, cheese, butter, ice cream or yogurt wasn’t exactly hard, but it wasn’t super awesome either. I read accounts of people losing weight, having cleared skin, basically feeling like a whole new person. I’m going to level with you here… I don’t have that J-Lo glow. I also have been eating an insane amount of fruits and vegetables instead of cheeseticks, greek yogurts, cereal, and ice cream for dessert. So I truly relay any shift in the scale to those healthy swaps rather than omitting dairy altogether. Not having any major skin issues to start, my skin looks the same today that it did two weeks ago.

So was this all worth it? Sure! I’m always up for a challange. I learned that my body hasn’t really been having any adverse reactions to dairy that needed clearing up. Perhaps when I reintroduce the food group back into my diet I may notice something, but right now I feel pretty much like the same old me.

One takeaway that I will promote for going dairy free is I do feel less “heavy” after meals that would have normally been topped with cheese. But, on the other hand, sometimes I don’t quite feel satisfied after eating a meal, either. If a restaurant doesn’t have avacados on hand, then eating nondairy can get kind of bland (in my opinion). Plus, eating inordinate amounts of the same food to make it try to be something else doesn’t always work either. Note: I actually didn’t eat that much avacado. At all.

Secondly, I did learn how to make better choices. Instead of reaching for ice cream after dinner, I had a piece of fruit. I also swapped fruit for my yogurt in the day, or had a banana and peanut butter instead of a semi-never-ending bowl of Special K after work. Not being able to have a staple in my diet allowed me to broaden my horizons and probably cut out some calories indirectly.

And thirdly, if I’m going to have ice cream, I’m going to go for it. I don’t want to have any of that stand-in almond milk bulls**t. That little pint is still sitting in our freezer, which is saying A LOT for someone who can’t keep ice cream around for very long. I will however continue to buy almond milk as I enjoyed the substitution (but missed the protein content cow milk offered).

I plan to try a few dairy items here and there this week to see how I feel. If for some reason I have a severe “reaction” or epiphany, well, you’ll be hearing about it! Happy Monday!

And in sum,  I really want to get me one of these now. Thanks instagram for always providing great temptation. FullSizeRender.jpg

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