Friday favorites: Rest week

Sooooo. With just one more distance run left in sight before me and the Hotlanta Half Marathon, I am in my last true “down” week in distance. This week was a 6 mile run, next week 10 and then a taper week before the race. I got out and ran my 6 yesterday and was feeling so thankful that’s as far as I had to go.

I am reaching the familiar point of flat lining in my training. I am tired, beat up and a little bored. It’s harder to fit these runs in and with the weather getting hotter it’s just all around more exertion. I’m thankful that I can see the big day in sight.

That being said, I am seriously pondering continuing forward with more and more distance in an attempt to run the full marathon in September. I kind of want to take a small break and see if I can rejuvenate and get back on the happy train to running town. There are some things I didn’t really see coming my way when training this hard and this long (almost 12 down, 20 to go…32 weeks in total if I complete it). I’ve bulleted them below:

  • Weight change- even with eating healthy I have seen my body change and my clothes fit tighter, not looser. If I have a down week in running I magically drop a few pounds. If I run 10-12 miles I can expect to carry a few extra for 5 days or so. To me this is bizarre and uncomfortable.
  • Mental fatigue- running to me is usually a time to let it all go and spend some time on the open road. Following this strict schedule has actually kind of sucked the fun out of it for me because my larger goal weighs heavier than that of a half.
  • Short term pride- I expected the first time I ran and had RunKeeper tell me it was my fastest, farthest, etc. pace to have a great sense of pride and accomplishment, but all I could think of was subtracting that mileage from 26 to see how much farther I still had to go.

Maybe I am just in a bit of a running rut, or maybe I’m learning exactly why less than 1% of the world runs a marathon. Outside of being physically capable there are sooo many other components that come into play. While I hate to be a quitter and wave the white flag this early, I also want to continue to love the sport and if running half marathons instead will allow me to do that, than that’s what I “half” to do.

Have you ever felt this way? Have you changed your mind midway through training? Let me know!

Anyway back to my Friday favorite– with all the above being said it’s pretty understandable that I am really appreciating this down week for some R&R. It’s also exciting to know my first half in Atlanta is right around the corner. Here’s a peak at the Hotlanta Half Course!

We are on our way to Iowa this weekend. Road tripping the 12 hours or so each way. I’ve never been to Iowa so I am looking forward to seeing a new state and spending some quality time with my husband and his family.

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