Product Review: Nature’s Bakery Brownies

It’s time for another product review! I’ve missed doing these, but I wanted to space out my Fig Bar moment from the Brownie review. So here we go!

These Brownie Twin Packs are a newer option from Nature’s Bakery and are, like their Fig Bars, made from whole grains, contain 0g trans fat, no high fructose corn syrup, and are cholesterol and dairy free. They are Non GMO and do not contain any artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. The brownies can be found in 4 flavors: Blueberry, Raspberry, Double Chocolate and Mint. I was sent three of these four flavors to review (much less eating to do this time around versus the 8 kinds of Fig Bars!) and have gathered my thoughts with you below :

Overall, these are definitely noticeably healthy “treats.” They do not taste like your childhood Little Debbie Cosmic Brownie, however they are not too far off the beaten path. Their texture is a little gritty, and since there is no artificial-ness about them, they are not souped up with sprinkles and frosting and have a rather plain-jane appearance. That being said, they are moist, fragrant, and a great option for a sweet tooth that you can feel good about indulging in. Of the three flavors I got to try, here’s how they rank in my opinion.

  • Blueberry- Surprisingly, my FAVORITE of the bunch. These smelled great as soon as I opened the packaging. While they’re not blue, they do have a fruit filling (simliar to the color of the Fig Bar filling). They are dense and offer a taste that reminds me of the Dark Chocolate Raspberry Cream candy from Fanny May. Seriously, that’s straight where my mind went, a gourmet candy! Not bad for something that is inherently good for you.
  • Raspberry- These clock in at my second favorite flavor. They did not strike me as smelling nearly as fragrantly as the blueberry, but they definitely carried their own fruity fragrance. They look very similar to the blueberry color, but the taste is definitely of its own. You can tell the difference between the raspberry and blueberry brownies, and it’s probably of personal preference which one you would enjoy more.
  • Double Chocolate- I am equally as surprised as you are to see the regular brownie flavor on the bottom of my list. For some reason, this flavor is missing something the others have. Maybe because it’s not fruit-like I am expecting it to be like a Hostess or Little Debbie and it’s very far from that. It is dense and moist like the other two flavors, but it just missed the mark on taste for me. However, upon offering it to my husband as my backup taste tester, he saw absolutely nothing wrong with it and continued to finish the pack.IMG_2347

When comparing the Fig Bars and the Double Chocolate Brownies, I have to say I am a bigger fan of the Fig Bars. I like the large variety of flavors and the taste was something more to my liking. I am a big chocolate fan, however when it comes to these wholesome snacks, fruit takes first place.

Be on the lookout for a BROWNIE GIVEAWAY coming VERY soon! Just like the Fig Bar Giveaway, this will be an easy enter and win situation. I hope to make all of my readers as big a fan of Nature’s Bakery as I am!

Have you tried the Nature’s Bakery Brownies? If so, what did you think? Sound off in the comments!

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