Product Review: Lenny & Larry’s Complete Cookie (chocolate chip)

Ok, I have seen these on shelves everywhere. Usually at Dicks Sporting goods, but then once I started to recognize them I saw them at gas stations and vitamins stores. I was always hesitant to grab one. What cookie sold to a health perspective can actually taste any good? Also, how in the world do you make a cookie without eggs, and moreover, a Vegan cookie sounds gross. Right? Wrong. After a bit of research online, I was convinced to stop over to the local Vitamin Shoppe and buy some. To my luck, there was a huge poster saying “Sale on protein bars and snacks” with a picture of the cookies I was going in to buy listed as one of the items on sale. IMG_2711

I found the cookies in the store and decided, since they were 3 for $5 that I would pick my top three flavors based on what I like in real life. I went for Chocolate Chip, Birthday Cake and Snickerdoodle. The salesclerk told me that these cookies are a big seller and people buy boxes full of them at a time. She herself had never tried them because they were not gluten free (although basically free of everything else).

Speaking of everything else, and clearing up why a cookie would be sold at sports and health stores… these cookies are packed with protein and are literally labeled “baked nutrition.” See the bullet points below for a rundown of the powerhouse cookie:

  • Vegan
  • 16g of protein per cookie, 8g of fiber per cookie
  • Dairy, Egg, Soy free
  • No high fructose corn syrup
  • No cholesterol or trans fat
  • No artificial sweeteners or sugar alcohols

I think the last one is most important to me. I have been trying to stay away from artificial sweeteners and opt for the real deal if I’m going to have something sweet, and sugar alcohols always leave a funky taste in my mouth and a pain in my stomach. Kudos for the rest of the bullet points, I never run that list down when picking a cookie, but it’s definitely nice to have! With all that said, lets move on to taste!


Ok, just opening this package and voila! It smells like a cookie. It looks like a cookie. Could it really be a cookie? Yes, about 90% so in my opinion. The cookie tastes really good, especially because it is a healthy version. You can definitely tell from taste and smell that it is a chocolate chip cookie. There is NO funky aftertaste, and all the essence that you would expect from biting into a cookie is there. The only thing that would throw you off from a blind taste test would be the density of the cookie. Its less dense (probably cause it’s not weighed down with butter) and it has a bit of an airier texture than a dense, rich homemade (or Tollhouse, Mrs. Fields, Great American Cookie) cookie. It actually tastes better to me than a typical bake and break cookie, because those seem to have a plastic-y taste to them.


If you’re looking for a really outrageously rich cookie to satisfy a craving, this might not do it, but if you’re looking for something to satisfy a sweet-tooth and you want the curb appeal of a Vegan item, while still carrying over all the necessary components of your favorite chocolate chip cookie, I would strongly suggest this product. I would have finished the whole thing if I didn’t read the packaging telling me that there are TWO SERVINGS  (at 180 calories a serving) in it. Just an FYI. That being said, I will definitely buy them again and will keep wanting to eat the whole thing in one sitting and spoil my dinner 🙂

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