Friday Favorites: Airport Time

I know, I kind of sound like a freak when I say I actually like the airport. I think I like the idea of going somewhere more than sitting in the building, but still, airports have come a long way in what they offer passengers.

Since Jarob and I are heading on a brief trip down to Fort Meyers today and driving my parents coach back tomorrow, we get to experience Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson airport yet another time. Although security can be a drag, here’s my list of favorite things ATL has to offer.

  • Ample ability to get your “steps” up. If you neglect taking the train from security to your concourse, you can add at least five minutes of walking between each terminal (T, A, B, C, etc.) that adds up quickly. We flew out of C today and from the moment we left security we added about 4000 steps with some meandering before heading to our gate. 
  • Tons of restaurants. Sure, there’s your typical fast food chains like Five Guys or Chic-Fil-a, but there’s also local Atlanta favorites brought in, like Willy’s Mexican Grill, The Varisty, Ecco, Grindhouse Killer Burgers, and Varasano’s, among others. Our favorite is Juke Joint. They have the best chicken and waffles. 
  • Parking options. Maybe its because Chicago charges crazy amounts for parking, but on or off-site parking is usually very affordable. For off-site parking, we tend to go with Peachy Airport Parking. We never have any issues with it and the way Atlanta has the off-site parking shuttles line up is much simpler than going to the basement of O’Hare, through a shady tunnel and out to area across from the Airport Hilton looking for you bus that only comes every 20 minutes.
  • Water stations. I love carrying my own water bottle and filling it up at the hydrating stations. You know, those automatic ones where you just put your bottle under the blue light and it fills, while telling you how many plastic bottles you’re saving by doing so? There are TONS of these in ATL.
  • People watching. Often hailed as the busiest airport in the world, it’s easy to pass the time looking at fellow passengers. People from all over the world just trying to get to their next destination can provide plenty of entertainment for a long layover, if not, there’s also plenty of bar space to explore and have a few drinks.. Speaking of drinks here’s a shot of mine:Positivity keeps you happy, right? So I guess traveling with this mindset will allow me to keep on keepin on the best I know how.

Stay tuned, cause one thing I’m not so fond of is car rides. And this upcoming one from Florida to Atlanta might be a killer. Perhaps I’ll post about that. Anyone have a million and one ideas preventing boredom while co-piloting a car back home?

Enjoy your weekend! 

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