Product Review: Lenny and Larry’s Snickerdoodle Cookie

If you could have seen me trying this cookie, you would have seen my happy dance. While my chocolate chip review was favorable, this one is better! I even split this cookie with my husband for a little dessert date and though he knew it was “vegan” and “healthy” beforehand, he still thought it was delicious.

All the benefits of the previous cookie hold true:

  • 16g of protein, 8g of fiber (per whole cookie)
  • No dairy, eggs, soy, trans fat, artificial sweeteners or sugar alcohols
  • Non-GMO
  • Kosher

Those stats alone are enough for a happy dance, but let’s talk about taste. Snickerdoodle has always been one of my favorite types of cookies. With this one, I was looking for flavor, texture, presentation, satiety, etc. IMG_2975

The flavor of this was in my opinion, 100% on point with a typical snickerdoodle cookie, tasty, full of cinnamon and sugar, perfectly sweet and definitely delicious. The texture was very much like your homemade cookie (maybe missing the burned edges), whereas I felt the texture was slightly off on the previous chocolate chip cookie because of a lack of butter. This cookie was dense and didn’t feel diet or healthy at all. The presentation of this cookie was great, just like a snickerdoodle I would pick out at a bakery. Extra cinnamon and sugar was even left in the bag and I dumped it on top before indulging. (Kind of like the bottom of a cinnamon toast crunch cereal bag!) Lastly, to satiety… this cookie, though split in half and shared was enough to knock out a sweet tooth and provide a dessert night cap for a wonderful weekend. Though I could definitely eat the whole thing myself, I didn’t need it. One half was enough. This is not a ghost food, where you’re over-eating the healthy version of something trying to get satisfied like the real thing (ie- eating 1 cup of no sugar added ice cream for the same calories as a half cup of the real thing!?) IMG_2972

My one sad note on this cookie, which has nothing to do with my review points is its “dunkability.” I had this with a small glass of milk, and as someone who adamantly dunks brownies, cookies, donuts, etc., this cookie did not absorb any of the milk. Not a deal breaker in my book whatsoever. And I highly suggest you try this cookie out. I have a few more flavors to try and I’m excited!

If you already know that you do like these cookies, or you’re so smitten by my review you think you need to get your hands on some ASAP, you’re in luck! Since I have been selected to work as a brand ambassador for Lenny & Larry’s, I have been assigned an individual link through which you can order. I’ve also been given some discount codes to share and both are provided below.

Order through this link to show Lenny & Larry’s I sent you. If you’re going big, you can use one of the following codes (also check the homepage for daily discount options).

1. $10 off $50+ order: 10AMB50
2. $20 off $100+ order: 20AMB100
3. $40 off $200+ order: 40AMB200
Please let me know if you have any questions and happy healthy indulging!

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