Product Review: Enlightened Crisps

Apparently I’m on a product review kick. It’s usually food items and today is no different. I am a big advocate of snacking, but I do also advocate for healthy snacking. This blog has allowed me to form relationships with companies of my choosing and discover new and amazing products out there. My latest, greatest find has been products from Englightened.

Englightened was launched in 2013, with ice cream products that promised taste, fiber, protein and all natural sweeteners while remaining low in calories. More recently, they have ventured into the savory snacking business, coming up with “crisps” made from broad beans. Broad beans are part of the legume family and also boast high levels of protein, fiber, potassium and Vitamin B. These beans have been cultivated in the Middle East for over 8,000 years and have since made their way West. They’ve been used as food, voting tokens and even had a place in funeral rites over the course of time. Today, Englightened roasts them with sunflower oil and sea salt and packages them in pretty little bundles for you to enjoy. IMG_2936

I was sent a sampler pack of the beans and so far have tried a few of the flavors, like BBQ and Garlic and Onion. The flavors are identifiable, and the crisps themselves have a texture similar to wasabi peas. Ever had those? Light, but crunchy, with a sort of gritty texture to them? I guess it makes sense since peas are also legumes like broad beans. Since the texture is different than a chip or rice cracker, I have grown fond of putting these on tops of salads or other snacks, like cottage cheese. That way they offer a nice crunch, some protein and a little pizzaz. You can certainly still eat them by themselves, and they come in 100 calorie packs just for that reason. (Also, when was the last time ANY of those 100 calorie pack items came at you with 7g of protein?!) IMG_3012

So for their flavor, nutrition and crunch, I give them a thumbs up. The texture is not 100% my thing, but complimenting a meal or snack with them handles that act of business. I do recommend you try them, especially if you are a snacking person, or someone who likes savory treats. These will provide you with more nutritional benefits than a bag of chips, corn nuts, or whatever it is you’re snacking on. They’re also lower in calories and fat than nuts and still provide a protein punch.

For more information and locations to buy the crips, check out Enlightened’s Website. And be on the lookout for an eventual review of their ice cream bars! Until then, happy snacking 🙂

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