So somewhere between our trip to Boston to celebrate our anniversary and getting home from Green Bay last weekend for a family wedding this blog fell into an abyss and went missing forever and ever, never to be discovered again.

That was until I received about a million emails from my domain host trying to get me to renew the name GingerJams for next year already. (Excuse me, I think I have til April?). I have kind of forgotten about good ol’ GingerJams, but also have purposefully avoided doing anything on it because despite how many or how few people read a blog, the effort involved is still a same. And it’s a lot of effort, time, energy and a sprinkle of something else that takes a blog from boring words to (what I hope) is something entertaining, or at least useful.

So, in the last say, three to four months, what exactly have we been doing? Let’s slice and dice it by holidays, shall we?

Thanksgiving: We hosted our first ever Thanksgiving in our house in Georgia. My parents, sister and her boyfriend came down and stayed with us through the weekend. We made everything under the sun and ate until our buttons burst. We also got to enjoy the warmer Georgia November and explore things like Top Golf and show off our little town.


Working on the Thanksgiving Tablescape

Christmas: We ventured up to Northwest Indiana for a week and spent this Holiday with my side of the family. The last two years we had spent in Tampa so we decided to be fair and shake it up a bit. We also attended a wedding in downtown Chicago on New Years Eve. Then, on our way back home we stopped off at Indiana University in Bloomington so I could show Jarob my old stomping grounds and catch up with one of my best friends for ever and ever and ever.


Outside the Sample Gates at IU

January: Well since New Years Day was also covered in the Christmas post, January was slated with a lot of work between the two of us as the NFL ramped up for the Super Bowl and I started my new job at TNT.

Super Bowl: Also a National Holiday in my book… our neighbors were kind enough to host us for the evening and we noshed on pizzas, dips, wings and desserts. I made white chocolate covered pretzel rods with rainbow sprinkles for the kids and monster cookies for the adults. I’d never made monster cookies before, but I was pleasantly surprised with how easy it was!



Valentine’s Day: Yes, it counts! Valentine’s Day is exciting to me because it’s an excuse to eat chocolate and all sorts of decadent treats. We spent the proceeding weekend in Wisconsin (which is still one of my favorite states) to celebrate Jarob’s cousins wedding. Our room even had a stadium view of Lambeau Field. I know, so ritzy. On Valentine’s Day, I made Jarob his favorite breakfast casserole, some festive M&M brownies and got him the Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker. Might have been a bit of a reason I decided to get it, I can’t wait to use it too. Maybe I’ll do a review on it soon since I’m needing some inspo for this sucker as is.Screen Shot 2017-02-17 at 8.04.15 AM.png

Oh, but most important part, we went to Dairy Queen for dessert (yeah we didn’t eat any thing we actually made for the day). I haven’t been to Dairy Queen for probably a year. I think the last time we went was my birthday last year. I’ve also realized it’s definitely a Midwest love affair, because those I mention the chain to around here don’t seem to be as infatuated. Why is my Valentine’s Day post longer than any of the others? Ha!

Next coming national holiday is February 21, the day of birth of yours truly. I guess I’ll be reporting on that coming up!

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