Product Review: Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker

What better way to kick off a Sunday morning than a homemade breakfast? What better way to try out your husband’s Valentine’s Day gift without him knowing than when he’s still sleeping? Exactly. No better way to accomplish either option.


This week at the grocery store I picked up what I knew I would need to try out this new product. We got whole wheat mini bagels, eggs, and sandwich cheese. Really, the mini bagels were the only thing out of the ordinary for us. Jarob opted for those over English Muffins when we talked about needing a bread option for this contraption. The directions hint to muffins, small bagels and biscuits.

Once plugged in and preheated, the directions (12 steps) walk you through using the machine and building your sandwich. I needed these directions… this thing has a lot of layers, slide outs and confusing looking parts. However, it all makes complete sense once you read the step by step sandwich building process. Hamilton Beach does remind you not to use unless fully preheated and to also spray and spread non-stick cooking spray before each use.

You start with your sandwich bottom, the add your meat, cheese and veggies, close one layer, crack an egg and break the yolk, then place your top sandwich piece directly on the egg. The rings around the layers keep everything nice and tidy and the final top cover helps keep in the heat to cook your egg & fixings to a perfect temperature and consistency.

We tried two kinds of sandwiches. The first was a standard egg, cheddar cheese and spinach sandwich. With this, I found the mini bagel to be a little small for the size ring. The cheese oozed out around the edges and through the middle bagel hole. The egg was bigger than the bagel, so while it didn’t make a pretty sandwich, it did taste good. The bagel was crisp and toasted, the egg was fully cooked and the cheese, obviously was melted. img_1580



The next sandwich we made was a feta cheese, spinach and egg bagel. The feta didn’t melt and ooze as much as the cheddar, but we still had the same problem with bagel size to egg. These don’t look like perfect little McMuffins, but they are delicious in their own right. I think we both agreed we liked the feta better. I also think there’s a reason the directions say small bagel instead of mini.



I’m excited to use the machine again. Next time I would definitely try an English Muffin to avoid the bagel hole spill out and hope for a bigger “canvas” on which to place an egg. I would also cook up some bacon and try that on for size. As long as your meats are precooked, you can add meat like sausage, ham or bacon right into the machine.

For $22 (thanks to a 20% off Bed Bath and Beyond Coupon) this machine was definitely worth the money. I think it typically retails somewhere around $25. We were spending at least $1.25  each on Jimmy Deans breakfast sandwiches that we microwaved for two minutes, so I’d rather use the extra 3 minutes for fresh ingredients and our own spin and variety on what we’re eating. We get full creative control and I think everyone can attest to microwaved food not holding a candle to something cooked fresh. Next time, I’ll opt for a more visually appealing sandwich but for now if it tastes good I really have no other complaints.


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