The Bachelor Season 21 Recap

It has been 7 years since I watched this show for more than 5 minutes while skimming through the channels. I remember watching Jake Pavelka’s season with my roommates back as a sophomore in college, and that was my first and only attempt with the franchise until now. I agreed to watch this season and compare notes with a friend back home each week and as any fan in “bachelor nation” knows, the finale was last night. It’s over, you can have your Monday night’s back, at least for a second before the bachelor himself, Nick Viall, competes on Dancing with the Stars. I have little to no patience to write weekly recaps, and I barely think I can get through this one, but I figured since I spent the time and effort to watch this season I may as well have something to show for it.

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In the Kitchen: $10 Chicken Tacos

I have been on a Mexican food kick lately, and after going to our favorite Mexican place and ordering the same Chicken tacos 3 times in a row, I decided I should probably try and find out how to make something in the realm of similar, and for less than $2.50 a piece.

With a little couponing and bargain grocery shopping, I made an entire pot of shredded chicken for $10. We’ll get at least 8 individual servings for it, depending on how much we heap into a taco or burrito, and it beats the price in a landslide if you’re only paying less than half the priceĀ per taco (once cheese, shells, etc. are factored in) than you would at a restaurant. Unfortunately, appetizer chips and salsa not included. Sidenote: Does anyone else get really annoyed when the chips and salsa are either a) not free at all or b) free up to one basket and one salsa? I do!


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Easy Homemade Pizza

Pizza is one of those things I could eat for several meals out of the week. There’s nothing more enticing than a wood-fired Margherita pizza, or an oversized slice of deep dish from Lou Malnati’s– truly, I do not discriminate, I eat one and all. Unfortunately though, a lot of the time with pizza, you’re inhaling extra grease, fat, cheese and processed foods. While this is fine to do in moderation, when you eat pizza as much as I like to, a healthier option needs to be found, and after making this recipe twice in one week, I feel I have come up with said healthy option. So here’s my recipe for homemade pizza, dough and all.


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